Reap the Benefits of Ergonomic Home Office Furniture

Reap the Benefits of Ergonomic Home Office Furniture

Home Office Furniture that complies to WHS regulations.

Did you know that a properly adjusted office chair is not only more comfortable, but contributes to better health and productivity?

“Working from home is all about creating a good environment of ergonomics for exercise and health. Every moment that you ignore good body positioning adds up incrementally until it is too late to reverse the damage caused. So get it right in the first place”

Some wise words from Jonathan Moody, CEO and Founder of Physio Inq.

Seat Height

Adjust seat to ensure feet are firmly planted on the ground, with hips/knees at 90 degrees.

Recline Tension

Adjust angle to 90 degrees to support an upright posture while tasking.


Ensure the base of your spine is properly supported at the back of the chair.

A chair that isn’t adjusted properly can lead to fatigue, restricted circulation, swelling, numbness, and pain.

UCI products provide you with ergonomic furniture for working at home that complies with Workplace Health & Safety regulations.

A reminder to pause and assess your approach to working from home, courtesy of Atrium Osteopathy.

“We can find ourselves in interesting positions when we are concentrating, including tilting our head or resting our arm to one side, and even holding our breath! So if you haven't already today, take this as a reminder to avoid causing injury by re-adjusting your posture every 15 minutes and having frequent mini breaks."

As always, stay safe and take care of yourself and others.