Post Pandemic Workplace Trends

A recent report from our global partner HNI Corporation found many emerging post-pandemic workplace trends that will influence the way we work in the future.

As physical distancing is currently our best defence against the spread of Covid, it is likely that we will see an increased shift away from open-plan office spaces to workplace separation. This separation is predicated to manifest in material markers and visual cues that outline spatial barriers.

Screening will also become more popular, such as retrofitting existing or taller screens to individual desks and transportable screens that can be used as a temporary division.

We are predicting to see a shift from sustainability to ‘cleanability’. This means an increased usage of designs and materials that consist of sleek surfaces- without grooves or textures that will prohibit the cleanability of the furniture easily and regularly.

In addition, offices will need to be strategic in the way they design their space so that company culture is not impacted by the need to physically distance. This trend will see a thoughtful use of vertical space, as well as mobile, transportable elements. The orientation of workstations will also be entirely rearranged to allow for interaction amongst colleagues, yet at a distance.